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Distribution of groceries, water filtration plants, Christmas decorations, Christmas villages and training centers for churches - catholic, protestant, and various others in Pakistan
Signing of Peace and Prosperity Declaration by head of FPCCI (Chamber of Commerce) , visiting a shrine for peace prayers, Peace  and security soldiers for humanity around the world, kind people at Mozambique, Rani Kot Fort in Sindh which was once a greatest empire a lesson for us learn it all ends one day no matter how powerful once any empire was and if you look around us there are many who works day and night for peace but remain unrecognized. My journey has been revolving around people and nations for peace and prosperity to unite them all so that we can make a joint effort to stop the humanity from suffering, loose the word hatred from our hearts where light of divine resides and learn to love one another regardless of our religions & place where we pray. We could save so many people by being on lighted path  and being aware as having no awareness is what keep humans in darkness and become the reason for all the wars. i understand some say war are for other purposes as well but still so much can be done to fill those gaps and damages during and after wars within the life of people who actually suffer because of greed or ego of few and its our responsibility to help each other and not look at the other side. By talking about wrong also doesn't make anything right what makes right is doing something about it and I don't mean doing riots, or sarcastic media discussions but what we need is that whatever we find wrong due to greed and ego of any group of people we must try and fix it as that's what the community needs. If we see there are group of community or people living in certain area in poverty so instead of talking about it how its all government or army's fault we as a group of people should go to that community and see how we can uplift them and there are many good people who are always ready to help and that's how we can bring peace and prosperity within the globe. It starts NOW!!!!    
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