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Our Center will be working on natural disasters and conflicts/war zones in order to bring peace and harmony around the globe.


Our 5 Segments we will be covering

  • Disaster guidance and response 

  • Prepare supply chain, power backup, and emergency shelter

  • Provide emergency supplies and evaluate critical needs

  • Educating the community and strengthening institutional arrangements

  • Help with rehabilitation and reconstruction 

Disaster Guidance and Response

  • To provide communities, organizations and governments advance measures to cope with disasters

  • To provide emergency health care, search and rescue, and food and water management

  • To provide shelter during power outages to reduce fear, anxiety, and the loss of life

  • We should prevent unstable security situation and have proper disaster risks planning by involving and training the community 

  • We must prepare to avoid property damage, hazardous waste, waste management solutions, closed roads and communication loses


Prepare supply chain, power backup, and emergency shelter

  • Solar systems can be applied for various emergency operations as a power backup for shelter homes

  • Stationary generators with the temporary installation of emergency shelter along with emergency food should always be present for evacuees

  • Evacuees can be taken to movable shelters such as tents, houseboats, trailers, and recreational vehicles in case of any shortages of permanent shelter homes

  • Shelters provide residents with safety and protection from the weather while reducing the environmental impact on the community

  • Power backup should be provided for medical services, clean water, emergency lights and communication

Emergency Disaster Supplies

  • Water / Food / Can Opener

  • Flashlight / First Aid Kit / Extra Batteries

  • Dust Mask / Plastic Sheeting / Duct Tape

  • Garbage Bags / Plastic Ties / Local Maps

  • Blanket / Heater / Fans / Solar Light Bulb

Education Training's

  • First-aid

  • Disaster Risk Reduction

  • Climate Change Adaptation

  • Emergency Preparedness & Response

  • Fire Safety

  • Public Health

  • Disaster Medical Operation

Help with rehabilitation and reconstruction 

  • The rehabilitation should start after the destruction caused by natural disasters or by humanitarian conflicts

  • We can rebuild essential infrastructure to allow development activities to proceed 

  • To provide social rehabilitation to the community centers, daycare centers, and senior citizen homes

  • We provide disaster recovery plans to reduce disruption and recover as quickly as possible

  • Reconstruction of confidence, self-respect, self-esteem, and mutual interest must be provided to rebuild the communities 


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