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Fundraising Activities for Interfaith, Security, Peace and Prosperity

Distribution of groceries, water filtration plants, Christmas decorations, Christmas villages and training centers for churches - catholic, protestant, and various others in Pakistan
Signing of Peace and Prosperity Declaration by the head of FPCCI (Chamber of Commerce), visiting a shrine for peace prayers, Peace and security soldiers for humanity around the world, kind people at Mozambique, Rani Kot Fort in Sindh which was once the greatest empire a lesson for us learn it all ends one day no matter how powerful once any empire was and if you look around us there are many who works day and night for peace but remain unrecognized. 

Our Achievements

We treat every project with the respect it deserves, and don't stop until the goal has been reached.

  • SDG# 1 & 2: Through our International Institute with relevant MOU's with UK, Europe and USA worked on Human Resource Development to end No Poverty and Zero Hunger.


  • SDG# 4: We promoted Quality Education by Opening Early Childhood Schools, Primary Teachers Training Schools and Vocational Technical Center, UN SDG Awareness Training/Video for Africa and Pakistan. 


  • SDG# 14: We have trained Department of Fisheries for Pakistan with UNIDO and World Bank Strategic Planners while coming up with Code of Practice with EU Funding. 

  • SDG# 15: We have worked with Local Farmers to create awareness and provided the Training for Livestock, Poultry and Crops including the Agriculture Charter for Pakistan Government.


  • SDG# 16: We have worked with Tribal Leaders and Beneficiaries in the Conflict and Fragile while promoting Peace and Justice.


Global Peace & Prosperity Center

Our GPPC Center will be working on the UN SDGs in order to bring peace and harmony around the globe.


The 5 Segments we will be covering are:

  • Food Security, Agriculture, Fisheries & Clean Energy Center 

  • Education, Decent Job and Employability Center

  • Health, Clean Water and Hygiene Center

  • Welfare, Recreation, Strong Institutions and Peace Advocacy Center

  • Industry, Infrastructure, Sustainable City and Climate Action through Innovation Center


United Tribal Leadership Alliance

To create and share wisdom, respect, courage, honesty, love, humility, and truth within everyone and everything in creation to keep harmony and balance.

  • To find the solutions and implement sustainable/balanced survival:

  1. Strengthening Governance/Government Structure/Community Planning/Capacity Building/Infrastructure Development

  2. Supporting Education/Health/Research Centers

  3. International Trade/Coordination/Branding/Tribal Service Programs

  4. Traditional Bio-Diversity & Safeguarding Living Heritage

  5. Territories & Natural Resources Management

  6. Tribal Diversity & Incorporating Cultural Beliefs 

  7. Reassess Food Supply Chain & Water Conservation/Renewable Energy

  8. Air Pollution/Climate Change/Environment

  9. Threats from Erosion/Flooding due to Global Warming


Tech Innovation Policing Hub

The 5 Segments we will be covering are:

  • Applied AI/Generative AI/Alternative Data

  • Data Science Integration

  • Industrializing Machine Learning & Big Data

  • Cloud Computing/Quantum Technologies

  • Space Technologies/



Global Disaster Recovery & Data Center

Our Center will be working on natural disasters and conflicts/war zones in order to bring peace and harmony around the globe.


  Our 5 Segments we will be covering

  • Disaster guidance and response 

  • Prepare supply chain, power backup, and emergency shelter

  • Provide emergency supplies and evaluate critical needs

  • Educating the community (first-aid, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, emergency preparedness & response, fire safety, public health, and disaster medical operation) and strengthening institutional arrangements

  • Help with rehabilitation and reconstruction 

Global Peace & Prosperity Festival/Conference

Global Peace Conference is a world- platform sharing best practices at the intersection of peace and development. 


Participants collaborate on effective solutions and implementation strategies in the areas of education, health care, environmental sustainability, community-driven development, and conflict resolution.

1st Annual Peace & Prosperity Festival - 3 Day Event

Activities Include: Arts & Culture, Fashion & Accessories, Innovation in Climate Change, Music, Karate, & Basketball.


Global Displaced Community Security

We will be working on the security of displaced and host communities in conflict zones around the globe.


The 5 Segments we will be covering are:

  • Self-Defense Training (Shotokan Karate)

  • Women Policing Center and Girls Guide/Boys Scouting

  • Child Protection Services

  • Community Policing to facilitate displaced and host communities

  • Peace Radio, Psychosocial Therapy, and Skills Training 

Legal Aid Center

The Purpose of the Legal Aid Center is to provide legal services and to resolve and create awareness of civil/corporate issues for citizens.

Global Peace Homes

We will be working with people who are vulnerable or homeless or in an emergency situation, especially orphans/widowers/widows/senior citizens/divorce affectees/and economically challenged individuals by providing a loving and caring home/community to bring peace and harmony around the globe.

Supreme Council

We will appoint members for this council from around the globe to create awareness within the communities of acceptance, tolerance, and absolute care for each other as humans.


Learn How You Can Help. Hope is where the Heart is!

Donate Funds

We accept one-time and monthly donations.
We can apply your donation for 1 month grocery/heater/solar light/blanket package for $200. You can also support for scholarships for our online trainees around the globe. We have a school package for $35 which includes books, uniform, shoes, and supplies.
You can also help us setup peace and prosperity centers, peace conferences, interfaith events, legal aid center, community health center, & community business and innovation center.

Donate Products

We welcome perishable/non-perishable items, school supplies, books, uniforms, shoes, toys, solar lights, heaters, blankets, first-aid kit, tents and any other items.

Donate Services

Your services in any sector would be helpful to reach out to rural areas around the globe.




The goal is to be able to bring all citizens of the globe on one platform and educate humanity at large to learn and live with tolerance, acceptance, harmony, and peace.


Global Peace Campaign of the Universal Peace and Prosperity Alliance began in December 2014 and was formally launched in Islamabad, Pakistan in April 2017. It is expanding through all regions of the globe. We focus on ending the conflict, and further expansion of peace initiatives through international development and United Nations SDGs. UPPA was established in 2022 in the USA. 


World platform sharing best practices at the intersection of peace and development. Participants collaborate on effective solutions and implementation strategies in the areas of education, health care, environmental sustainability, community-driven development, and conflict resolution.

Amb. Rubina's partner organizations are Global Learning Trust, Fairmont Royal Group of Companies, and World Humanity Commission from which she has worked on Peace and Prosperity now with this platform the idea to bring peace through alliances with countries and cultures. 



No Membership Fees 

Become a Volunteer

Are you an individual motivated to contribute to your efforts to promote prosperity and peace on our platform to a wide audience? Fill out our volunteer form below. We appreciate your support.

Join our United Tribal Leadership Alliance

Become a part of our United Tribal Leadership Alliance to find the solutions and implement sustainable/balanced survival. Fill out our registration form today with your tribal kingdom info. Together, let's transform the world for the better.

Join our Institutional Membership

Are you a Business Institution, Association, Society, Forum, Thinktanks, Corporation, Innovative Hub, Seed-Funding Institution, Donor, Community Center, Interfaith Center, IGO, INGO, NGO, University, College, Institute, Financial Institution, Entertainment Company, Media, Sports Team, Clubs, Alliances, or Company? At UPPA we focus on making alliances throughout the globe to bring resources to the underprivileged community. Join our Alliance by filling out the form below.

Join our Supreme Council

Are you an experienced individual, diplomat, think tank, bureaucrat, or veteran? We are working on creating a Supreme Council to help save the planet. Our main focus will be international trade to make alliances, sustainable food, global warming, and climate change. Apply for a seat on the supreme council today!


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Crystal Smith

As a volunteer and a well-wisher of BGen Amb. Rubina H Ali. I would like to say she is one of the most incredible woman I’ve ever come to know. She is devoted to her cause and no matter what obstacle comes her way she has always faced them head-on. I highly recommend working with such an astonishing woman as she has such high hopes for the world to bring global peace and prosperity. We all need to help her achieve the goal of global peace because nobody can do it alone. 


UPPA has had many amazing achievements with their astounding work for the citizens of the world and is growing to do better every day, trying to make the world a better place.

Join BGen Amb. Rubina H Ali is on her path to changing the world for the better. Universal Peace and Prosperity for all.

Christian P.

Rubina H. Ali is a hard working, most determined lady who knows what she wants. But what she wants is not for herself, but for the benefit of others, for peace. 


I fully support her Global Peace Conference to be held in Geneva soon. 

God bless Rubina.

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