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Fundraising Activities for Interfaith, Security, Peace and Prosperity

Distribution of groceries, water filtration plants, Christmas decorations, Christmas villages and training centers for churches - catholic, protestant, and various others in Pakistan
Signing of Peace and Prosperity Declaration by the head of FPCCI (Chamber of Commerce), visiting a shrine for peace prayers, Peace and security soldiers for humanity around the world, kind people at Mozambique, Rani Kot Fort in Sindh which was once the greatest empire a lesson for us learn it all ends one day no matter how powerful once any empire was and if you look around us there are many who works day and night for peace but remain unrecognized. 

Our Achievements

We treat every project with the respect it deserves, and don't stop until the goal has been reached.

  • SDG# 1 & 2: Through our International Institute with relevant MOU's with UK, Europe and USA worked on Human Resource Development to end No Poverty and Zero Hunger.


  • SDG# 4: We promoted Quality Education by Opening Early Childhood Schools, Primary Teachers Training Schools and Vocational Technical Center, UN SDG Awareness Training/Video for Africa and Pakistan. 


  • SDG# 14: We have trained Department of Fisheries for Pakistan with UNIDO and World Bank Strategic Planners while coming up with Code of Practice with EU Funding. 

  • SDG# 15: We have worked with Local Farmers to create awareness and provided the Training for Livestock, Poultry and Crops including the Agriculture Charter for Pakistan Government.


  • SDG# 16: We have worked with Tribal Leaders and Beneficiaries in the Conflict and Fragile while promoting Peace and Justice.


Global Peace & Prosperity Center

Our GPPC Center will be working on the UN SDGs in order to bring peace and harmony around the globe.


The 5 Segments we will be covering are:

  • Food Security, Agriculture, Fisheries & Clean Energy Center 

  • Education, Decent Job and Employability Center

  • Health, Clean Water and Hygiene Center

  • Welfare, Recreation, Strong Institutions and Peace Advocacy Center

  • Industry, Infrastructure, Sustainable City and Climate Action through Innovation Center


United Tribal Leadership Alliance

To create and share wisdom, respect, courage, honesty, love, humility, and truth within everyone and everything in creation to keep harmony and balance.

  • To find the solutions and implement sustainable/balanced survival:

  1. Strengthening Governance/Government Structure/Community Planning/Capacity Building/Infrastructure Development

  2. Supporting Education/Health/Research Centers

  3. International Trade/Coordination/Branding/Tribal Service Programs

  4. Traditional Bio-Diversity & Safeguarding Living Heritage

  5. Territories & Natural Resources Management

  6. Tribal Diversity & Incorporating Cultural Beliefs 

  7. Reassess Food Supply Chain & Water Conservation/Renewable Energy

  8. Air Pollution/Climate Change/Environment

  9. Threats from Erosion/Flooding due to Global Warming


Tech Innovation Policing Hub

The 5 Segments we will be covering are:

  • Applied AI/Generative AI/Alternative Data

  • Data Science Integration

  • Industrializing Machine Learning & Big Data

  • Cloud Computing/Quantum Technologies

  • Space Technologies/